Ive got a gig tommorow and ive just noticed that my adapter for my fuzz pedal has broken and i havnt got enough time to go get a new one...
i was thinking of just putting a temporary 9V battery in the pedal, but i cant figure out how to open it to put the battery in. Can anyone help??
By the way ive got a Behringer over drive BOD100 if that helps.
MANY of these pedals have a little release that allows the pedal to hinge upward and the battery is underneath the pedal part itself.
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Yep. The hinge itself is what opens it. Push it or both sides in with a pen or screwdriver and it will pop open. The Behringer website has the manual to show you how.
where the pedal hinges push the two little black ends in on both sides and the top will pop off.