Hey, I recently started using pick slides in my playing, but I can't seem to position my picking hand back to position.
I.E. Master of Puppets solo - after the pre-solo riff, there's a pick-slide, I always play it, but I can't seem to get my picking hand back in time, therefore not being able to play part of the first part of the solo. Suggestions?
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Well they most likely recorded the slide and the solo separately. I just do a normal left hand slide down and out.
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Randy Rhoads style... Slide half way with the pick, then the rest of the way using the left hand... Thats works quite well for me. Other than that, just a case of practicing tiil you're happy with it.
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You could quickly slide across most of the string(s) or slowly, whilst pressing abit harder, slide the pick across the string where it is above the pickups. This keeps your hand in the strummin section of the guitar, which shouldn't make it much of a problem. Not too sure if it sounds as nice though, that is up to you.

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