how do you send a freind reqest and what dose being someboudys frend let you do
1) Go to persons profile and click on "add to friends" on the left. (Remember to be logged in or this wont appear).
2) As far as i know it doesn't let you do alot other than use the messenger with them. (If it still exists? I turned it off ages ago).
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It will let you view profiles that are set to private. That's really the only privelege.
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the messenger has been gone since November. it also lets you read blogs that are only be able to be viewed by friends, though i doubt many people use that feature. it also allows you to see when your friends are online, although that doesn't do much good either. and it allows you to see what friends you have in common with other users. again, nothing too useful. and finally, the community updates widget on the home page lets you see when your friends update their profiles or do whatever. that's all i can think of.
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