So i'm in the middle of a Tele build, and I had it all painted and stuff, right up to the clear coat at the end. So i spray it on there and it's horrible, like water, literally just dripping off the guitar (destroying the decal in the process). I've completely sanded it down, and painted it back to the clear coat stage, and i just want a bit advice before ruining it again.

I'm using a Polyeurethane spray can - should i be using that? Or even a spray? How liberally should i be putting it on the guitar? I'm a bit confused by the whole process.

If it was running that much you're probably over spraying. You want thin coats. Lots of thins coats. Did you put this decal on yourself? They have a tendency to react badly to certain paint types unless they're slowly covered. From what I've heard you want to just lightly mist the decal until it has a full coat.
I did the decal myself yeah. I'll give it another go but be more gentle then Thanks!
Make sure you let the paint dry COMPLETELY before spraying clear. I was finishing a strat with a black burst edge, and I sprayed clear the next day. It made the black bubble up in places. The paint may be dry to the touch, but I'd give it at least a few days before shooting clear. Especially if it's been humid. And if your clear is dripping off like you dunked the guitar in a vat of lacquer, then you're spraying it WAY too heavy. spray just enough so that it looks wet, and keep the can moving. Let each coat "flash" before spraying the next. This basically means that the clear has mostly dried, but will still be sticky if you touch it... but don't touch it. The can should give you guidelines on how long to wait between coats.
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Also make sure the clear you are using is compatible with paint you used. If you are using lacquer paint, use lacquer clear coat. You can use poly over just about anything but the stuff underneath has to be completely cured. Also note if you are mixing water based paint with solvent based.
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I disagree about letting the paint dry completely before spraying clear...

Whys that? I'll shoot clear if the paints still a little tacky but only if its the same chemical (lacquer/lacquer, etc). I've put poly over things I thought were "cured enough" and it either lifts off or develops that tiny bubble/hazy crap I have to sand back.