i loved my old Daddy o od pedal but lost it in a fire several years ago and finally got around to replacing it. The new one arrived today and i noticed it's actually a slightly different color (darker tan'ish rather then yellow like the original). I set it up and it's just nasty Fizz city, this thing sounds horrid!!

Anyone have any experience with the new / old Daddy o's??
Are all the newer ones like this?

If you check out musicians friend and check there audio samples for the pedal it sounds just like my old one, this new one has a nasty fizz up around 8khz that sounds like static and is there no matter what i play.

anyone have the newer darker tan that doesn't have this fizz and sounds like the audio samples?


I'm debating sending it back for another, or just finding something else.
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Sounds like it's defective. Send it back.
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I have no clue the age of mine, but I have the highs set to 9 o'clock on mine with drive set to 3 o'clock...It does have a fizz that is difficult to deal with. With my Blues Deville cranked it gets a decent Marshall tone.
Do the Monte mod, it makes the Daddy O into an awesome pedal.

California Valve works has a mod too, pretty cheap, but I can speak on that one personally.
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I have read that the V1 Daddy-O circuit is a tweaked Marshall Guv'nor MK I circuit.
Yeah, after looking at the mods for it, it seems that newer ones are different.

There now using smd components, changed the circuit, and can't be modded.

I'm just going to return it and pick up a ts9 instead and try to find an original used somewhere. Really wish they would let you know this before buying. It is definitely not the same sounding pedal at all.

Thanks guys