Would it be possible to make a tube preamp to run the signal through to use like an effect or distortion pedal and have it run through? If so how?
Depends on where you buy from, you should be able to get all of the parts you need, even including the tube, from smallbearelec.com Check out the resource thread for some other possible places.
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Thanks, and how much would it cost to build a valvecaster for all the supplies?

I would assume less than $20. I already had all this stuff laying around when I built one.
Are you wanting to build it yourself? Save money? If not, you could always buy a TubeKing.


They have a tube inside, so you can get true tube type distortion and overdrive even through an SS practice amp. Or, added oomph for a tube amp . Never heard one myself, but I hear they're pretty nice.
the valvecaster is a starved-plate design. these designs sound no different than their transistor counterparts. to get a good bit of tube tone (which is the only reason anyone around here would mess with tubes) you'd have to use a much higher voltage. 40v is a good start.