A band i'm producing has released their 2nd song and i was hoping to get some feedback on the mixing/mastering.


Thanks in advance!
Overall I say they sound good. The only thing I really notice is when he does the low growl its sounds very muddled, I know thats a hard thing to fix(maybe turn down some mids) in metal but other than that it sounds pretty good.
A few things I wish the mix engineer would have done.

The kick drum is lacking any sort of low end to the point where it almost sounds like a wood block or something. The drums are way too spacious for the rest of the mix. I would bring the mix more center - like the ride is way over on the left - the kit sounds pieced together.

There isn't enough low end and the mids sound weird. Maybe it's a stylistic thing.

Also wish the vocal was pulled back just maybe a db.

The recording and mastering sound good though! It could also be that I'm listening on headphones.

Good performance!

Here is one of mine, I would love your feedback: