So my classical guitar's string are 5mm above the 12 fret for some reason and i don't have the slightest idea how to adjust the action (If it's even possible) apparently i have to adjust the saddle which i have no clue how to do.. Can someone please explain?
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I would first recommend that you take your guitar to a local guitar shop or luthier and have it professionally set up. This will cost about $50, and you can specify that you want the action lowered.

If it's a cheap guitar that you don't mind experimenting on, then you can try to lower it yourself. After removing all But One string, remove the saddle from the bridge (sometimes I have to put a razor blade along the side to loosen it). Once you have it out, find a Perfectly flat surface. Attach some fine sandpaper to the surface and Gently run the flat bottom of the saddle along it. Go very slowly, and check the action with the string you left on (by putting the saddle under it, tuning to pitch and playing it). Get it as low as you can without making it buzz. If you notice a Slight buzz, take some of the dust from the sanding and put it in the saddle slot. Keep going until you get buzz-less low action. This is how I set up other people's guitars, and they're more than satisfied.

But remember, if you don't feel up to it, take it to a qualified tech.

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