I'm really trying to go see Foo Fighters in July but as the tickets sold out ages ago the only other option is to buy tickets off eBay but I don't feel confident in it as I don't want to be scammed out of £50 worth of tickets so would you trust eBay even if the user has a 100% positive feedback?? And I'm also nervous about when I'd get the tickets ad I fear that if I were to buy some I wouldn't get them in time of the seller should I be worried about this??
There are so many places you can get tickets from, eBay is one of the good ones.

If you're desperate, just go there without a ticket and there's plenty of pipe smoking idiots selling them for three times the price at the entrance.
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People with 100% positive feedback rarely think "hmm, some Foo Fighters tickets! I thinkI'll scam 50 quid out of some guy who wants to see them!" that's the whole reason they've got 100% positive feedback.
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