Anyone know some good acoustic blues songs to learn? Or a website about the style?
I know a lot of electric stuff, but I also like playing acoustic so... yeah.
first headbang stack.

Look up Marty Schwartz on YouTube. He has a few acoustic blues lessons.
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"Acoustic blues" covers a lot of territory. Are you thinking of classic stuff like Lightin' Hopkins or Son House or Robert Johnson?
Or maybe the folk-revival material like that of Reverend Gary Davis and his various students/contemporaries like Dave Van Ronk and David Bromberg?
Or maybe more contemporary blues-influenced material....
Or the dozen or so different styles from all over the country...

Go on YouTube and look up material from those names I mentioned and listen to their stuff and also the many other artists you'll find linked to them. Get a feel for the music and then you can decide which way to go.
Look up the tabs for Mississippi John Hurt. There are some good beginner/intermidiate songs to get you started.