ok, planning on building a ukulele, or buying one if possible, but i'd like it to be made of some rediculous beautiful wood, i've looked at koa and zebra wood, is there any other really nice looking woods?

ive always liked bubinga and chocobolo
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I'm quite partial to spalted maple myself however you could try flamed or quilted maple, burled walnut, wenge or rosewood

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Padouk has a beautifull red colour. And I also like purpleheart for it's colour.
Pau amarello, quilted eucalyptus, zebrano cut horizontally, redwood burl, bicolour bubinga pommele, mahogany pommele, Buckeye burl, Karelian birch.

Edit: And pale moon (black and white) ebony!
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Kokarado if you can find any.

Che Chin/Caribbean Rosewood.

Figured Walnut.

Burled/Spalted Maple.

Pau Ferro.





And like the 9,001 different kinds of Rosewood.