I am looking to buy a Fender '62 reissue Stratocaster. I am choosing between an American Vintage reissue or an early '90s Japanese reissue. The Japanese one is usually $100-$200 cheaper, I find. I need help identifying the differences between the two, if any. Thank you.
Go japanese if you don't care about where the guitar is made (Which you really shouldn't) it is a quality guitar and is fantastic for its price .
american one is nitro, i think

if that's all the difference in price i'd go american (and i'm an MIJ fan). unless that's one of the high-end japanese ones with the nitro finish too.
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I'm one of those crazy kids who prefers CIJ over MIA. It comes down to feel, really. If you've never played a Japanese Fender, put hands on before you chose. The necks really do have a different personality to them.
i have the mij (late 80s 62 RI) and if the US one was $100-200 more i'd of gone that route.

edit: providing i liked how it felt that is...
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check the radius on the necks. the japanese one may have the original 7.25 radius the new american ones have 9.5. if that doesn't make a difference to you then try to play both and go with the one you like better it's really a win win situation.