Hi there, I'm not quite sure if this is the right spot to post this in, but here goes.
I have a problem with my guitar.
It's a BC Rich Warlock "Red Bevel" model I got a few months ago.
Absolutely no problems with it until now. I use fairly heavy gauge strings (Ernie Ball 10-52's), which are allot heavier than the ultra light gauge the guitar came with.

Anyway, about a week ago I was playing a song and out of no where, the wound .52 breaks over the bridge saddles. The inner core completely snapped, with the outer winding unravveling itself.
So I brought a new string, and like a few days later I'm playing a song and my .42 breaks in exactly the same way, over the bridge. D:

I honestly don't have time for this ay.

The bridge is one of the BC Rich wrap-around-style bridges with tune-o-matic style adjustable saddles.
Since I'm currently in a band project that meets up every week, and all my other guitars are either de-stringed or being hocked at Cash Converters (LOL), and my budget is not tight. ITS REALLY TIGHT. I can't afford to buy new strings all the time, even if it is only $10 a set or $5 a string.

So I'm enquiring if there are any possible problems that could be up with the bridge, I'm not very experienced in guitar repairs and stuff, and I can't afford to go see a luthier or get the guitar set up because I'm totally broke.
Can someone prehaps give me a heads up before I have to go and waste my money on more sets of strings.
And if the strings break while I'm playing with my band I'll be a laughing stock. Totally.

remove the strings and see if you can feal a burr, or wipe a Q tip over it a few times. If it snags a little you have a burr. Take some 400 grit sand paper roll it up and gently buff the saddle. The Q tip thing is some thing you dont need to do , but I do it out of habit.
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^ honestly don't think ive ever heard of this issue but his idea sounds pretty good. i recently purchased slinky's titanium coated strings. maybe give them a shot? lil stronger and hold the tone for a lil while longer. or so it says. i've had them for a few weeks and love them more than the regular slinky's.

btw, 10's arent all that heavy of a gauge... just sayin