So I tryed tuning by ear. ( Previous various atemps unsuccessful )
This time I tuned it with harmonics and with a tuning fork on my amp with an A note.

I have only one small question I tuned the A sound with my A string 5th fret harmonic( for no particular reason did i chose this actual fret..(confused) and I successfuly tuned everything to standard tuning.

But the real question is, why is the 5th fret harmonic on the A string... actualy an A sound??
Shouldnt it be something around a D and a Eb ?
Or do natural harmonics have nothing to do with the actual notes that 'sit' on/in/around the frets you do them over?
By putting a harmonic node on a string where it can equally be split, it will create a note with the same name of the string.

harmonic at:
12th fret = same note as open an octave higher. (1/2 of the string)
5th/24th fret = same note as open 2 octaves higher. (1/4th string.)

Assuming that you find exactly where 1/8th of the string is from either side and play a harmonic there, it will also be the same note as the root string a number of octaves higher.

I might not know what I'm talking about, so maybe someone else would explain better.
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