they're not great guitars, but for the money, i guess you wouldn't expect much. i wouldn't buy it, but you probably have different guitar needs and preferences than i do. on the other hand, if you're looking for an acoustic electric for $100, you are probably not expecting much. in any event, he says it's negotiable.

personally i'd spend a little more and get a yamaha FX325, which sounds good and is well made. or maybe you can find a used yamaha acoustic electric (not the apx series, which doesn't sound that good unplugged).

why not just go play it if you want to know if it's worth buying? even if it isn't worth buying to someone on the board, you might still like it.
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I like most Silvertones, Harmonys e.c.t. for their slide and 30's blues tones. Really nice for that gritty back-alley blues. Slide tone it clear and cutting. If you're into either, try it out. It could easily sound good for other styles too.
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The grover tuners are worth more than the rest of the guitar. If you are looking for a beater that you use for the 1 acoustic song in your set list or for something to take camping then it's a good guitar. If you want to perform folk music in a coffee house then keep looking. They key feature to look for in any acoustic is that it can stay in tune and that one should.
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Silvertone is an old Sears and Roebuck model. I would try and get it for 50-75 bucks. Depends on what you are looking for. Would be a great knock around guitar. Never be worth a lot of money but most acoustic guitars are worth at least $50 unless it says Esteban.