I just bought a Marshall Haze and I want an overdrive pedal for it as a boost and maybe some extra gain. I wondered if the multieffects pedals are a better buy with all the features they have or if a stompbox would sound better. I was looking at the Vox tonelab ones.
any insights?
it depends on what you plan on doing in the long run. if your just looking for a boost then id just get a stompbox. but if you plan on adding fx over time, your better off getting a multi fx.

all the money i have blown on pedals i could have got a pod x3 that could do all that my pedals could and more.
i heard the tonelab multi fx pedals are a pretty good buy. i cant recall reading an unfavorable review. the thing with multifx is that they do so many things, they rarely do any of them all that well. its all about your budget and how nit-picky you are with your tone. ive been a gear head for a while and have TONS of pedals, but none of them are multi fx. i havent used one of those in years.....
If you're not doing too much performing, get a multi effects pedal. Trust me. The effects won't sound very good, but it will be much, much cheaper for you. Plus, it will probably help you find which pedals you need to use and which pedals you don't, so that when you go out and start buying pedals, you won't be getting anything you don't need. That's what I did, and it's worked out just fine for me. Just my 2 cents
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