I've been Playing for about 2 years. By playing i mean leaning chords with the songs that go with them, and obviously, learning songs. and i'm pretty good actually. BUT

I've figured out scales by the songs i've learned, and a good amount of other things.

Issue is, what i can figure out, sounds good, and is legit. due to me picking apart songs and chords and finding the technicalness and scales.

shame is, i have no effing idea what i'm doing exactly, or how to organize, or the music theory stuff.

i just started working on music theory and realized, I'm rather screwed.

how to i get myself back on track the best way? I'm lost. i have a link to a famous band, and if i get a band together to make good stuff up, bing boom. gigs. but i need to reenorfe my music making skills.

please help me.

its a good way to systematically go through what you, see what dont
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u cant be taught how to be a famous musician u gotta be lucky and sometimes being a good guitarisy isnt enough, ull have to write good songs that people will like which cant really be taught u just gotta fight through it until u get some good ones written.
If you're having trouble with theory, I'd recommend reading the music theory FAQ thread in the Musician's Talk Forum. It might clear up a lot of your confusion. As for songwriting, there's tips and whatnot but nobody can walk you through how to be a good songwriter.
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Take your time, it's a marathon not a race. make sure you understand each lesson before youmove one to the next. also there is always the MT thread to help you with questions or things you just don't understand.

good luck!
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