Alright so I pretty got plagued with senioritis this year and it happened to be the year I took my most challenging classes.

Anyways I was curious, I currently have a D+ (68%) first marking period and a D- (62%) for second. I was curious if I bomb the exam, would I still pass? Our school does the 40% 40% 20% for grading.
Are you failing mathematics? Add it up yourself.

Spoiler: you'll flunk.

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Do .4(68)+.4(62)+.2(final exam grade)

That will tell you your weighted grade
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Sounds like you need to get a 40 percent on the exam to get a 60 percent overall.
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Stop cutting class and do extra credit assignments you delinquent.
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that's weird, in my senior years I started taking school more serious because I realized it's importance...