I just got one of these in brand new condition with the OHSC and I got it to learn some cool acoustic stuff on but the guy i got it from says its 25yrs old and may become a collectors item. So my question is should i put this away and let it age and eventually try to sell it or is what he said just bogus info he gave me to make the sale? Either way its a very nice sounding and playing guitar so im happy with either answer.
i don't think a celebrity is going to become a collectors' item. a higher end ovation, sure, but not this one. he may not have been giving bogus info; perhaps he didn't know any better. a LOT of people believe that an older guitar is always collectible.

and it doesn't matter. what's important is you like the tone and the playability, so congrats and enjoy your guitar

and don't forget to post pics
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Haha thanks alot! I know next to nothing about acoustics so i needed to know what was up with it. Thank you so much and i would if i had a camera of some sort...
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your CC-01 isn't 25 years old. They started making them in 1997 so its only 14 years old at the outside. Even worse, Ovation only kept serial number/date records on the USA made guitars. Celebs are imported. They sold for $400 new in 1997. That model will not be a collectable, sorry to say. So play it and enjoy it.

FYI... I have 3 O's. One being a Celeb.
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