Hey guys. Here's a question I've had for a long time: I was practicing a scale sequence today, one I practice almost every day, and I'm completely relaxed playing it; however, I noted that out of that 15 minutes of practice, I made exactly three mistakes. Then, frustrated with myself, I played it perfectly for 10 minutes straight. I just wanted to know if this is normal (the mistakes), or if I should be playing it perfectly all the time. Inevitably, my concentration and focus slip every now and again and sometimes if I'm tired I'll zone out for a moment, but I feel perfectly comfortable playing it at the speed I'm at
Your only human dude, even professionals make mistakes all the time. You can never play something 100% perfect 100% of the time, it's just impossible.

If you stress over it too much your gona give yourself a heart attack, I wouldn't worry about it too much dude.
Yeah dont stress it man... everyone makes mistakes... stop counting em.... enjoy listening to the music you are making...
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It's the same as all other harmony. Surround yourself with skulls and candles if it helps.
human = imperfection
robot = perfection

if you are a robot you should be mad, however I assume you are human, and humans are not perfect and will make mistakes. some mistakes are more noticable than others, but everyone makes them from the best of the best to the worst of the worst.

the only thing you can do is learn how to make those mistakes not matter. if you spend your time counting your mistakes, you are wasting time you can spend counting your perfections!
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
mistakes are great,usually come up with the best ideas when they come by accident