Can anyone help a guy out and give me a little listen? I'll c4c, promise. Just leave a link in this thread. Song is the first one on my profile and is called Means to an End. Still need to tweak things here and there. Thanks for checkin' it out.
what do you mean help? like, you dont think that is ****ing insane enough? if blake richardson was doing the drums and tommy was on vocals, id think it was a song off silent circus, because i havent heard it yet. ****ing sick dude i hope that takes you somewhere
i gotta say dude that was freakin awesome!!! what do u use to record man?? i dig it dude definately also u have good taste in bands man excellent
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^Thanks! I use my Spider Valve going into my Fast Track, Amplitube for bass, and Addictive Drums.
That was SICK. AMAZING. Do you have a soundcloud page? Must follow!

Okay I've been listening to that ALL day man, but I'll criticize the recording quality, the guitar tone mainly. It is good, no doubt, but can be a LOT better. Use your interface to plug directly into your computer and use VST ampsims. THere are plenty of guides online about this, and it ISN'T hard, I discovered them recently and I've been going NUTS. This song can REALLY kill! Shoot me a pm if you want to know anything else!

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So dude, totally dig this stuff! I'm a huge fan of bands like BTBAM and Protest The Hero so I was loving this track. Really keeps the attention, great riffs throughout as well. I hear a lot of people just going through the motions with this kind of music but you have it pretty darn nailed. The sections flowed into each other perfectly and it all just worked! Love it, good job.