Lookin' for guitar stuff on Craigslist when I stumbled upon this:


I never got to learning much about rack gear and effects because it never crossed my mind. Could you guys tell me if this is a good deal? The original compressor I am going to buy is the Electro Harmonix White Finger. Do I anything to know about running rack effects through my amp head? Maybe give me a little basic info on rack gear? I don't think I need the preamp, I have a Carvin V3. Any help would be great. Thanks

The BBE would be nice. There is a VST plugin that is based on that compressor so it can't be too shabby. That's about all of my knowlege on the subject though.
I own a dbx 266xl and 362 bbe sonic max running in my fx loop. best choice ever. at 30$ a pop here if i9 had the money id hop on this deal just for recording purposes. jessayin
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looks like you cant lose at only $30, one thing to note is practicality of having a rack unit and that often rack gear operates at line level.
most guitar preamps will have a way or another of sending at low or line level so just check what the Carvin puts out in the loop and what the BBE will accept, otherwise you could run into alot of noise issues, especially since its a comp
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Sorry to bump, but I'd like an answer about the preamp too. Since it's on Craigslist I don't know how much time I have before someone else buys it.