While on youtube the other day, I heard "Rylynn". The song is an all guitar instrumental by Andy Mckee. After the slow intro, the
tempo picks up. The melody instantly reminded me of Ne-Yo's song, "So Sick". The tuning of "Rylynn" is weird. He has the capo
covering the top three strings (E A and D). That makes it hard for me to figure out what key it's in.
I'm certain "So Sick" is in standard tuning and is in the key of E minor. The progression is I7 - III7 - ii7 - V7. Can someone help
me figure out "Rylynn", so I can compare and contrast the two songs?
Andy is in a league that Ne-Yo(one stupid ****ing name by the way!) can't ever dream of being in. Compare, there are no comparisons. Contrast, player vs. dancer and singer. The player wins 100% of the time, especially when you are talking about Andy McKee vs (insert name here)! You should be banned from society for trying to put Ne-Yo(by the way, that is one stupid ****ing name) in the same league, musically speaking, as Andy McKee. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but not even the potential to be in the same league with Andy McKee!
There is a very accurate tab of Rylynn in the UG archives.
The tuning is ECDGAD - as you say, Andy uses a capo to get that tuning. Since I don't have a partial capo, I use a lower tuning and the same finger positions. It ends up in a different key, but still sounds great.

I would agree with above though...Rylynn is quite a technical song, whereas Ne-Yo's so sick is very basic.

The tab is for guitar pro - McKee also sells tabs on candyrat.com I believe, and you can get them in plain print.
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The guitar pro version is amazing, I don't know why I didn't see it.

Yeah, that's definitely true. There's a lot more going on in Rylynn, even though it
is just one person playing. And with Ne-Yo, it's yet another simple pop-song.

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In terms of melody, the songs sound similar. I never once said they were "in the same
league" as far technique and performance goes. You assume some random sh!t.
You're taking this way too seriously. You're an idiot. Go back to Youtube, troll. ">.>
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