I got a maple neck mim. I love it but id like some lacker or whatever they use to get that nice dark color. What do i do?
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It's more trouble than it's worth.

Unless somehow your Guitar has a Nitrocellulose finished maple fretboard (if you have to ask about it, then it doesn't), then you'd have to remove the finish you have on the neck (yay sanding!), then re-lacquer it with tinted lacquer. Or you know, normal Nitro lacquer and wait for 20 years as it matures.

Oh, and even with a nitro finish, it'll still take like 20 years of use.
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As the previous person said, it's a LOT of work.

You'd have to disassemble the neck (Possibly remove the frets?), sand the whole thing, find the lacquer you wanted, apply it, hang it to dry and hope that nothing went wrong in the process.

I'm having a hard enough time doing a custom paint job on a strat. You're better off leaving it alone or buying another neck, unless you're willing to pay someone a bunch of money to refinish it for you.
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Best thing to do would be to buy a vintage tint neck from Warmoth and sell your Fender neck.
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I did the same thing on a MIM neck. It takes some effort but its not really THAT difficult.

1) the MIM necks do age, just very slowly. I have one from 96 and it's noticeably darker than the bone-white necks on the new ones but it's still pretty light.
2) the MIM necks have a thick poly finish that is very difficult to get off.

You can sand it with 220 grit to give some of the current poly finish some teeth for a new color to stick to and then clear-coat and wetsand it. What I did was completely strip the poly using klean stripper (gross stuff), sanded, and then I stained it with Behlen's solar-lux golden fruitwood.


You just need to tape off the fretboard.