I've got a Washburn WD-18SW, and I really love how it looks but it's got rather dull tone to it, almost like a cardboard box :/
I heard changing the nut to bone and the bridge pins to bone will make it brighter, is this true? And if so, how much brighter?
I've got a Fishman Matrix pickup I'm going to install on it soon, and was also wondering if an acoustic can be playing through an electric amp on a clean channel, or whether an acoustic amp is necessary. Mainly doing dirty blues slide stuff.
Finally, what do dobros sound like with distortion? Anyone know any soundclips where a dobro is used with fuzz/overdrive?
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simply using different strings will make the biggest difference to the tone of your guitar. i'd suggest you try DR rare phosphor bronze - they're my go-to strings for guitars that sound dull or boomy as they add a very nice top end. you might also try 80/20's. also do you know the humidity where your guitar is kept? if it's too humid, it will make the guitar sound more muffled.

you might also want to get out and compare your guitar to a guild GAD-25 - it's also an all solid all mahogany dread with a beautiful bright tone but big bottom end, too. it might help give you a frame of reference.
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1. Changing the bridge to bone will not make it sound brighter but it will help with keeping it in tune and keep the strings from slipping

2. An electric amp is fine so long as its on a clean channel and not being played with the volume way up. An acoustic amp can be set louder before you get feedback

3. NO DISTORTION on a resonator or any other fully hollow guitar the feedback problems are immense, you can try it there's just a reason no one does it.

finally if you want it to sound brighter (especially if you're playing with a slide) raise the bridge and experiment with string gauges (find the ones you like) they'll modify tone substantially.
If you are looking to sound a bit different you could go really bright with Nashville tuning!
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Strings make a difference in the sound of your guitar..obviously..
-- Guitars like Ibanez have a bright tone while maybe Epiphone guitars have a deep, rich sound. A new set of strings will help though..I think..--depends.