Not sure if this is the right place or not. Im trying to learn the fret board notes. I know low e and a string pretty good from doing power chords and minor chords.

How csn i learn dg and b strings. Can anyone come up with a way to learn the remsining strings. Either movable shapes of chords like the 6 and 5. Or whatever. Chords are just easirr for me.

But my main prob is the fret board

Ty in advance!!!
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There's no easy way to be honest. But just spend a day or 2 going up the strings and saying each note to yourself. Then say a string and note eg. D-string, A.
Find the A on the D-string. It just puts it into the back of your mind. You want to get it to a point where you hardly have to think about it. Then you can do it all over the fretboard at one point as an almost practice regime to do. Eg. Find all the G notes on the fretboard. Then play each one. Hope this doesn't sound too confusing. If it does... Then **** it. Just buy this
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I believe in the "Look Say Play" method.

I break into 3 parts for natural notes.

E F and G on every string

B C D on Every string

A on every string


If you follow those instruction and stick to it for a few weeks, you'll have the natural notes under your fingers.

I'm working on a follow up where I introduce the sharps via the cycle of 5ths and the flats via ii - V - I progression through the cycle of 4ths.

In any case it is just repetition .. see it, say it, play it.

I sometimes put labels on the frets.... so i see it and subconsciously memorise it.

There is also an iphone app if thats your kind of thing... its a 'game' which is fully adjustable. There is a free version you can try out (only has first 3 frets though)

It can be set to timed, fret to note/note to fret, string or fret learning, different enharmonics, left or right hand etc. There is also sound, ear training and notation.

I THINK its called Electric Guitar Fretboard Addict...
I just had to post this, didn't I.
learn octave shapes, obv the notes on the first and sixth string are the same but there are three other shapes. Look them up cause im not very good at describing this kind of thing. Then just practise choosing notes at random and naming them as fas tas possible.
As others have said, learning the fretboard has a number of approaches and options. If private lessons are an option for you, I teach this online, through our Guitar Academy, and I have had students complete my Notes Course in as little as a weekend. The outcome of this course is, a student can find any note any string or identify any note they are on in 2 seconds or less. So, not only do they learn through the course, but it has almost instant application to the guitar, for the kind of things that you are looking to do.

If that's not an option, there are self-help ways such as a free Program called Fretboard Warrior. I don't know how long it would take you, but it is free.

Either way learning the notes on the neck are an important first step at understanding the guitar, being able to apply any theory concepts to it, as you learn them, etc.

Good luck. If we can be of assistance let me know.