So I know the Pit is the last place I should go for advice on academic matters, but I really don't feel like registering for one of those college forums. Anyway, I'm currently wrapping up my second year at Cal State Fullerton, which is a state school in Southern California. Just when I had given up all hope of transferring, I get a letter in the mail saying I've been accepted into UC Santa Cruz, which was my first pick out of high school.

I've been apathetic about school and where I am for a while now, and this news really excites me. However, one of the conditions for acceptance reads:

Complete the course work you reported as "in progress" or "planned" with minimum grades of C (2.0).
Notify our office, either by e-mail or by letter, of any changes to your program of study, including attendance at an institution different from that listed on your application, as these changes may affect your admission.

Now, I'm an English major (I know, stupid) and this last semester decided to take a "fun" class on film. Of course, this class ends up being shitty, as the Prof was disorganized and an unfair grader. Every class all of my classmates would protest the grades he gave us. Before being accepted into Santa Cruz, I stopped caring as I had other classes to focus on and could take a hit on this meaningless class that doesn't count for General Education or my major. Now I'm panicking because I don't want my acceptance to be withdrawn. I'm trying to contact the admissions office about it but so far they haven't been helpful. I still don't know what grade I'm going to get, but I fear a D could screw me over.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Specifically getting their admission withdrawn? I feel like if it's an inconsequential class I should be able to fight it or petition or something.

tl;dr got accepted into a UC and might end up with a D in one of my classes this semester. Am I screwed or can I fight to stay admitted?
I wouldn't know about transfer situations, but I've heard of and known people who have dealt with having their admissions rescinded for bad grades (who were freshman admits). Should you end up getting below a C, you should definitely try contacting the admissions office (or whoever you need to) and try fighting it. The UC's seem like they can be pretty rough in this department, but honestly you have nothing to lose in fighting it. That's a rough spot to be in, but hopefully that doesn't happen or they let it slip. Good luck!
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Too late... I'm writing my final paper as we speak. I should have though. I believe my parents didn't want me to at the time, and since they pay the bills for now, I tend to obey. I actually transfered into it last minute thinking it would be fun as film is something I'm potentially interested in writing for. It ended up being a waste of time. Anyway, thanks for the input!