Autographed by Paul outside a Beverly Hills hotel. I have two forms of authenticity to prove it. The guitar has been and is currently locked up in a case at my parent's house. The only time I touched the guitar was to put a new set of Ernie Ball strings on it. There is a small chip in the top of the headstock. I will get detailed pictures this weekend but the guitar and signature are in immaculate condition. The Les Paul is Chinese made but actually played quite well when I tuned the new set of strings a few months ago.

Asking $1,000 OBO shipped to the continental US. Accepting any reasonable offer.

BeatlesBay is saying that his signature is worth $800 which is why I originally priced it at $1,000. PM me some reasonable offers. I am not a Beatles fan and have no use for this guitar besides it taking up one of my hardshell cases.