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It's been a while since I last posted in here. This is an unfinished song, so bear with it.
Basically, I've been writing an acousticy/metallica-esque style song. (Loosely based on songs such as One, Sanitarium etc).
So a few things to note.
1) I am not looking to recreate these songs, they were just the inspiration, so I hope it doesn't sound too much like them.
2) Atm it's unifinished, I wrote what I could, but seemed to run out of steam. Is it worth continuing do you think? And if you have any suggestions as to thep possible direction, that would be helpful, although not wholly needed.

Many thanks, and leave your links etc for C4C
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I like the riffs you had going here and I really like the blues. But I feel like you could make it a bit more interesting because it gets a little repetitive. Also I think the 5 bar chorus you have doesn't really work with that song. But I would suggest having a bridge? maybe you can key change up to the 3m and do something from there.
Cheers. Yeah I think I may change the chorus, keeping it clean/overdriven rather than distorted, as well as adding a variation to the second verse riff.

Thanks for the advice on the bridge, and general crit though, much apprecaited
Not been online for a while, but will get back on c4cing everyone I owe crits (inc. the other thread I had a few weeks ago)
However I've worked on this song a bit, changed various parts and added various layers. So again any more crit that people have will be appreciated and of course I will return the favour
This was also my first attempt at writing a vocal line for any of my songs. The intention here was rather than have a completley seperate vocal line, I wanted the voice to essentially represent that of a lead guitar in forms of melody and sometimes (towards the end) complexity/speed in an attempt to add colour and depth to the song.

However, any constructive crit on the vocal line will be really appreciated and taken into consideration.

As always, C4C, just leave the link
Blues Rock.gp4
Blues Rock.gp5
Blues Rock.mid
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