Hey guys, we are Hallway District, five piece rock/metal band based in Birmingham UK. We have a few recordings from our first gig and any feedback or advice would be much appreciated! We know its not perfect but any feedback is still welcome!




much appreciated guys
Cool guitar tone but the singer gets flat at times. Well, at least on "Don't miss me when I'm gone". The song itself is pretty awful, actually. In the sense that it feels pretty poorly written in terms of lyrics and vocal melodies and structure.

The other song "Rain" had a pretty badass guitar intro but your singer sounded like a bad cross between a weak pop punk singer and a weak metal singer. The growl sounded awful. He need a lot more power and stability in singing, the pitch seems all over the place, it sounds really bad.

Anyway, as a whole, I guess your band's alright, but you still need some work. Mostly on songwriting and vocals I guess. Don't take this personally, because feedback has to be extra harsh when it's concerning a blossoming band :P

Good luck!