im a new builder and im nearly finished with my first guitar and am half way through a second. im just curious, at what point should i consider selling my builds? im also considering making them and giving them away, i feel like im really improving even though i know i have a long ways to go before im considered good. ive been at this for about 3 years and i really enjoy it.
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start selling when people start wanting to buy them.

When you think that your work is above average and you always have a success on what you're building, you can't really call a shape "Gibson Explorer" if it more resembles Jackson Kelly or ESP EX shape. Or you can't call a body that looks like a "Ibanez RG" as a "Fender Strat", hope that clarifies something.
Of course, you have to raise people's interest and let them know that you're actually building guitars. I would want to own a guitar like that, like a custom-made guitar made by just one person. It'd be really nice to see how simply one person can do nearly anything that the machines do.
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Untill you are happy with your work compared to the "real" companies, have all the tools to make one, and are ready for the stress that comes with it being for someone.
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don't EVEN give them away. that crap costs money to build, and you'll go broke in a hurry. i know; i did freebie pedal builds and mods in high school. ran out of money (and supplies) pretty quick.