i used to just write bunch of lyrics when first started writing and now looking back they werent that great and i never really used to put music to them. i then joined a band and we would write music first then all work on lyrics together afterwards.

im just interested after reading shaun morgan's article on ug and him saying this " I remember as a kid I used to write songs and just on the spot write the vocal parts, but these days I just focus on the music first. I focus on making the guitar work as interesting as possible before I even attempt a vocal. It's a little easier to put a good vocal over some good music than it is to put some good music over a good vocal."

so what do you then, come up with music first or write some lyrics then fit some music over the top of it? tricky one but i know there's gonna be some different answers for each of you so tell me what order you do it in? and also if know any bands that do it differently to each other.

Both ways work fine for me . Sometimes it might be the fact that i write certain lyrics which spark a musical idea in my head, or sometimes i just let the music bring up certain emotions or subjects in my head. Do whatever suits you best
I've done both recently. I did a concept sort of mini album, so the story/lyrics where written first and built the themes and structures around that

But examples
Dream Theater last few album - Music only - Lyrics/melodies last
Pink Floyd - The Wall, was lyrics first *I believe*