Hard to say. You need a headstock shot. This is one of the most copied guitars out there. It most likely is a knockoff of a Gibson Hummingbird. A lot of Japanese companies were making knockoffs of American guitars back in the late '60's and 70's. Quality was all over the board. Some were decent and most were complete garbage. You see these on e-bay under the moniker of lawsuit guitars. THere are a lot of names such as Lyle, Aria, Ibanez etc. This is where Ibanez got their start. Gibson started suing these companies so they had to make enough changes to stop the lawsuits.
Hi ,I own a Ibanez 12 string Hummingbird buy far the best 12 string I have ever played and I have Ovations and Guilds,this model i recon is the real deal Being Gibson Hummingbird 6 string ,If you want a great guitar for a fraction of the price the Ibanez models are amazing!!
How about some more pixs. Headstock, rear. and soundhole. Also possible Yamaha. Cheers
that's an old pic tuxs. probably from the '60's. only one i would assume.
it's a honeyburst Gibson Hummingbird or similar clone.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Yes Step there are a lot of those pre lawsuit models out there. Yamaha did a very good job of them
way better than Ibanez. Cheers
Gibson Hummingbird. I'm curious why you are so smitten by it... They are expensive, and Gibson acoustics definitely have a sound of their own. I've never really cared for them myself.