Hello again friends, now this would be the only black metal song in my new album Gemini, I would very much like your opinion on it, its rather a mix of experimental and DSBM.


I've been writing black metal for quite some time but this song is not even a pebble to what I've been planning for my next album, but none of that so-call future talk, I need to promote this one, so I need opinions and views from you on this website.
I don't want to be harsh but:
The rhythm guitar tone is very bassy and the lead is too trebley.
The transaction between clean & distortion was really bad as it came too sudden.

I like the rhythm riff although it's not completely in time.

The transaction at 2.08 was just weird, it just sounds peiced together and it doesn't flow.

The vocals were..........unique, i'll give you that. Definatly work on the vocals more.

The bass break didn't flow very well either, it just seemed to come in randomly :/

the dual lead guiatrs at the end comes in too loud and leave really badly.

The song ends abruptly and not in a good way.

3.51 was a real bad transaction

Overall the track just seems pieced together and does not 'flow', it sounds far too choppy.
The way the instruments drop in and out is terrible, it ruins the flow of the section.
The tempo changes with almost every segment of the song.
There are some good riffs but they are just placed and edited really badly.

Like i said, i didn't want to be mean but it's the only way you will see the problems in your work.

My advise is to work on your Editing skills (the placement of each part/volume of the instruments/fade in's/out's)
Work on keeping time with your guitar playing, there are some good parts ruined by being out of time.

Keep working at it and don't be discouraged by what i have said, it takes time and effort to get songs sounding good, i should know iv'e written some terrible stuff in my time.

Keep posting and creating your compositions and please don't feel bad by my comments on the track.
It's an interesting idea and I like the dual guitar solos, however it didn't feel fluent enough and it would have benefitted from some percussion and definately some effects such as reverb and chorus on the clean sections. Possibly even a delay.

Aside from that, look at the comment above. Very good comment
Thanks guys, I appreciate your opinions, but like I said this is black metal, the production and how i created it was meant to be, it is Necrosound, but my interperatation of it, I don't necessarily believe in following a proper time signature sometimes, but the duel soloing tracks were meant to be one ahead of the other instead of following a perfectly good line.