I tried one of these for the first time at a music store the other day, I actually quite liked it. It played quite well and I personally think it looks badass.
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ive been playing a redline1 for about 5 years now and its always done the job for me, really good guitar for the price
excellent guitar. it is easily one of the best super-strats for under $1000 (and arguably better than alot of guitars that cost more than that).
Godins are great!

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Redlines are awesome guitars, can't be beat for the price IMO. Godin was the first guitar I bought and it's the only guitar I've owned for more than a year.
Active pickups do not necessarily sound bad clean.... When I played one, it was all around amazing. I don't remember EXACTLY how it sounded, but I loved the cleans.
So it's guitar that's worth it to buy? How is the neck compared to Ibanez wizard necks?