I have a bit of trouble with the picking when it comes to this lick.... Could you guys help me?


^^ The 9's are bended

Thanks In Advance
this is from Fade to Black right? im having problems with this too
Yeah this part is a total bish =/ Its very hard to get it up tempo
Actually forget that last post. Use a Metronome and figure it out, it's too hard to explain... Watch some you choobs.
Repeating lick, OK there isn't an absolute correct way to pick it but here is what I would do. Down pick the bend while using your middle and ring fingers to support the bend your index finger can be muting the b/e strings near the 7th fret. Once the bend is complete fret the e/7th and up pick. Roll finger to mute once played, fretting the b/7th ready for the pull-off. The 10-7 pull-off could be done with ring or pinky, the pick should be a continuation of the up pick from the high e, setting you up for the down pick on the repeat.

So down pick, sweep up up
down up up or straight alternate picking will do...what ever you feel most comfortable with and achieves the desired sound you want.
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Quote by rbouchard47
up down up hammer up down

Hmmm that's an odd way of picking it, and you mean pull off right?

Personally I'd pick it: D, U, D, D