As you know, I have a thread at the top of this page showing my planned trip meeting UG'ers.

I have managed to get in contact with UG'ers from most places, but hardly any Canadian UG'ers (Toronto preferably) have got involved! The Canada portion of my trip is arguably my most awkward stop, as I am flying to Toronto, then up to Thunder Bay straight away, to come back to Toronto. I need guidance on the cheapest way to do this, as well as a place to stay, guides around the city and of course, the main event, the massive UG meet up. I also need a co-ordinator for Toronto to help me organise it all!

So Toronto UG'ers, or just Canadian UG'ers who want to be involved. Help me out!
they're too busy saying 'eh!' a lot and putting maple syrup on everything and playing hockey.
"watchin your vids online still brings tears to my eyes" RIP Depzman