My guitar has Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings (42, 32, 24w, 16, 11, 9), and it's B string has come off... I have a Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky string set (54, 42, 30, 22p, 15, 11). So my question is can I use the 11 size string in the beefy slinky?

P.S: My guitar has a Floyd rose
P.S.S: Also can you tell me what "w" and "p" stands for in the string sizes?

Thanks In Advance
i would recommend either buying a new set of 9's or changing all strings and readjusting the trem (i've used floyd rose's before, they are a pin in the ass to change gauges)

P- plain wire
W- wound
Yes you can put that 11's set on. It requires few adjustments but its normal to floyd. Change all the Strings.
it'd probably be a better idea just to get new strings and replace all of them soo they all sound better than just having one different one in the bunch.
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tbh they're probably the exact same string, just surrounded by different strings in the packaging, so i'd imagine you WOULD be able to.
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