Hey guys,

long time since I posted anything on here, but lately I've been working on a couple of songs. Both in kinda the same genre. So, thought I'd post them here, to get some kind of a response, and hopefully some feedback on how to improve the songs.


Tune nr1;
- Projecttitle "One Man Army", a WIP.
I've gotten somewhat far on this one, and pretty satisfied with what I've got so far.
A pretty complicated piece, not in the sense of music theory, just the fact I think I might need a certain Haake to play this tight.

Tune nr2;
- Projecttitle "Ethnic", also a WIP.
Recently started this, after listening to lots of Tesseract and Chimaira, along with System of a Down. Trying to capture the best from all of those bands, really. The ambience and groove from Tesseract, the raw aggression and drive from Chimaira, and the pure genious and simplicity from System of a Down.
Not nearly finished, but I'm getting there.

Both tabs just below.

Looking forward to hear from you.
One Man Army WIP.gp5
Quote by Christopher S
Thanks dude!

Any parts you thought stood out in a good or bad way? =)

Well, I didn't like the lead part in Verse 1B of One Man Army, but I loved the acoustic part at the end.
'Ethnic' sounds good so far, can't wait to hear the full song.