Dear all,

I'm new here, and this has probably been posted several times before, genuinely sorry for that.

I'm a several year amateur guitarist, playing/recording on my own at home with programmed drums and keyboard basslines for years as a means of stressrelief or aggression outlet on a boss mt2. Always been content with that, having made several project demo's i'm desperately out for something more.

Let's not get into a discussion on whether a mt2 is crap or not, it's served me great for years.

What would you advise me as an ultimate multi purpose distortion these days?

Lately i've been getting into a more fuzz/sludge sound, using my front sh2 humbucker, but still, I don't want a row of different pedals.

Any more experienced guitarist I know told me it's a myth to get an all in one unit, but I've been looking at a MXR Fullbore (straight dist like mt2), EH Metal Muff (seems pretty universal dist), or even better something like that 'VOX Tonelab ST Preamp' or even 'Boss ME-25 Multi Fx'...

Something with like a reverb, delay, octaver and a built in tuner would seem fantastic, but I already had a digitech rack with a tube built in that I threw away.. while I kept that mt2.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I would prefer a one adaptor unit, budget around €200/$285, more if it would be definitely worth it
a wampler triple wreck is probably one of the more highly regarded distortion pedals around here.

as far as MFX, i have no idea, i don't do that, so lets wait for somebody else to chime in.
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i have owned both the metal muff and the fullbore. currently have only the fullbore and my god, it is perfect for me. it is an amazing pedal. however, this pedal really doesnt clean up so dont expect to be getting light tones out of it. its is metal pretty much all the time. i really love the pedal becuase of the amount of eq that is possible wiht it. the built in noise gate i find o be very useful at high colume and high gain. also has a mid scoop button and frequency adjust for it. personally i dont use it and dont really like the tone from it. i feel like it sounds very thin.

the metal muff i only had for a short time and was running it through a bad amp for pedals (vypyr 75, ive upgraded to a tube amp since then) but even still, it still gave me a pretty nice tone. i didn't find the too boost function to be all that useful though. agian, made it sound very thin and i wasnt a fan of it
Budget? I go all the way to suggesting the Axe FX for a multi effects so you can blow off the face of whoever said that a single MFX unit is a myth with your TOANS.

Jokes aside, (tho if you can afford the Axe, go for it seriously you wont regret it) Line 6 's recent HD series, basically the 300/400/500 works really well and are great units. The Digitech RP 500/1000 are also pretty good for the price.

Tune in to our DSP thread in my sig if you're really thinking about the MFX choice.
There is no "best" distortion pedal.
I would recommend the triple wreck, boost button adds.a nice fuzz element and it is nice, thick, low end heavy distortion that stays articulate.

I do not recommend the TUA for doom/sludge because it is lacking in low end.

I own the TR and the TUA and I like the TR alot more.
Alright, sorry to be so late on an update..
Considering lots of opinions on several forums, including this one, I searched for second hand stuff, rat pedal came up lots of times.. Checked lots of youtube video's, even though they're no reference.
I endend up buying a MXR Fullbore Metal for dirtcheap of a cop (!!), who said it was too vicious for him (being a bluessman etc). I'm really happy with it, does just everything I wanted. It's just like a mt2 upgraded, only cheaper.
The boost switch on it is useless, but the primitive noisegate works really well (on my cheap kv32 with sd jb's). Furthermore it's actually an mt2 with better low end and a more usefull eq.