I have played for almost two years.
I want to ask you a question about down picking. How may i improve my down picking?

I know it's just a lot of practing but if you have some good tips and tricks.

One of the songs I'm learning at the moment is Master of puppets, Metallica, and that song is played with only downstrokes.
I manage to play the most of the song but I still have to improve my downstrokes.

But I specially think the part in the intro were I'm playing on just one string is hard to play very quickly with only donwstrokes.

Please help me!

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get an epically long film like lord of the rings and sit there palm muting (no amp) downstroking do that every other day!

Also use a powerball.

I hope this helps!
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I think occasionally working on alternate picking the songs actually helps. It seemed to help me, I alternate picked pretty much everything for a long time then I played master of puppets and I can do it all on downstrokes. Switching back and forth may help you increase your speed. So does the age old 'keep pushing yourself'.
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What I did to get my down picking up to speed was start and down pick power chords at 60 bpm, using sixteenth notes. I started with an E power chord, and then moved up the neck one fret every beat. I went up as far as the twelfth fret, then went back down. Once I got back to the start again, I put the speed up one beat per minute, and repeated everything. I would go up ten beats per minute every day before finishing up. The next day I started I would start one beat per minute above where I started the previous day. ie. Day 1: 60 - 70 beats per minute. Day 2: 61 - 71 beats per minute etc.
Uh, what exactly do you mean with "proving" your downpicks?
Other than that, use a metronome (the intro is simple rythm-wise), start slow, increase speed. That is all.
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Sorry, "Improving", not "proving".

And thanks for good tips!
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Pretty much any early metallica is good to keep your chops up, especially for improving your downpicks
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Repeatedly play Master Of Puppets using only downstrokes, it'll be a good workout and you'll get better as well
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Repeatedly play Master Of Puppets using only downstrokes, it'll be a good workout and you'll get better as well

lol, this is true
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