Hey everybody!I'm looking for an amp to about 300$I play mainly blues and classic rock.But my band plays mostly grunge and punk but sometimes John Mayer and stuff like that(were a cover band...for now )I have a Lyon by Washburn.H-S-S .I played the Fender Frontman 212R but I didn't like it to much.I tried the Kustom HV30 which was awesome.Please help,some ideas?
do you need a combo or would a head work? Do you have a cab?
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I need a combo or a head+cabinet. Update:budget is about 350$.I just want it to sound good.I have a Danelectro FAB Overdrive and Distortion if that helps
find a used blue jr or ampeg jet/reverberrocket.
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i'd say go get a real pedal first... and then take a look at these http://www.vhtamp.com/home.html

i have the special 6 ultra combo but it also comes as a head. really great amp. bright, chimey cleans and can get a real nice crunch wen turned up (all tube, needs some volume for a bit of crunch)
^ i have heard that the jet city amps arent half bad for the price. i personally have never played them but i've watches some reviews on youtube and they sound pretty prolly worth taking a look at