Hey all,

I have been transcribing for a while and I can say that I can find the chords of simple songs quite easily. My question is more "transcribing technique" related, so here we go. I find that when I transcribe, I dont listen to the root note of a given chord and THEN try to find it immediately on the guitar for the first try. I rather run through all of the basic chords, and when I find which is fitting I use that. However, I dont see how this helps me in any way, or especially to get my ear to be better and hear everything for the first time. Am I doing it okay? Or should I do it otherwise? Thanks for the comments in advance
Yeah, that's how I do it too and as time goes by and you do this a lot, eventually you'll be able to recognize more and more chords like "Oh, that sounds like an open D chord right there" and such.
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You are doing well.

As you move forward you may want to add some ear training to your practice so that you recognize chord types -- minor, major, 7th, major 7, minor 7, suspended and so forth -- this might seem easier than it is -- look at : http://www.teoria.com/exercises/c34e.htm to see what I mean.

But pecking away at that kind of ear training is REALLY helpful for transcribing!