Ive got band practice tomorrow so I had to change my strings asap as they were black and flaking lol. Thing is I usually use 10s but i didnt have time to buy any so I used some 11s i had instead. Basically I wanted to know would these still be ok for e standard and half step down (what I usually play in) and would they be ok for C# standard for some classic sabbath or for drop c for some modern stuff?

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Yeah, they'll be fine for all those. 11s are actually a pretty cool jack of all trades, (depending on how beefy the lower strings are) I often use them on guitars I change tuning on a lot because I find them just light enough for standard and just heavy enough for drop c/c standard.
They will be perfect for Eb (half step down), ok for drop C and C#, but maybe a little tight for E standard.
My Ibanez has 11-52 in Eb. Feels perfect. I think they're too loose for even drop C, but then again I use 12-56 for drop c. I love tight strings.
Depends on the scale of your guitar. To me, if it's 24,75" 11 set is perfect for E and Eb standard. For D standard I'd still probably use 11s, but they'd be a little loose. For 25.5" (which my Ibanez RG is) 11s are perfect for D standard and I think they would be too tight for E standard.
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I used to use 11s for Drop C#. (I use 10-52's in Drop C now). When I used 11's, I never had any issues going up to D# standard, or even standard for that matter. I also went down to Drop B occasionally, and it was alright. Almost too loose though. I use 25.5" scale guitars.
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i use 11s in standard tuning all the time.

the only thing to watch out for is that you may need to tighten the truss-rod, but that's not a definite thing.
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