Budget: about $600. I have a cab, so all I'm looking for is a head right now.

Genres: I play a lot of progressive rock and metal (Coheed and Cambria, Dream Theater, Protest the Hero), but I also need decent classic rock and hard rock tones. Cleans should be useable, great cleans would be a plus but in this price range I realize I will probably have to compromise quite a bit.

Guitar: I'll be playing through a Schecter C-1 Elite.

New or used: I ordered a used Carvin V3 a week ago from Guitar Center, and it came in with a busted transformer and dead pre-amp tubes. They refunded me the money rather than pay to get it fixed, so now I'm back at square one. As a result, unless I can try before I buy, used is a no go.

Home or gig: Mostly home use, though I do sometimes play with my old band's drummer. No gigs anytime soon.

Closest city: West Palm Beach, Florida.

Right now, I'm looking at getting a VHT Special 6 with an overdrive pedal, a JCA50h with an overdrive pedal, a Krank Rev Jr Pro 20, or a Peavey Vypyr Tube. I have reservations about all of these, though, so any advice or alternative suggestions are appreciated.
People seem to like Jet city. It would probably leave with a little more spending cash toward other purchases you may need too. My alternative suggestions go to blackstar ht-20 and egnater rebel 20 in your price range and are well suited for hard rock
I have a TA-15 used, still in great condition. PM me if interested.
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If you can find a JSX head for that price I'd recommend it. 3 channels with independent EQs for all of them, master volume, reverb, presence, and resonance controls, effects loop, built in noise gate, and switchable between full and half power.

I got a combo for $700 so you could probably find the head in your budget.
Havnt tried the VTH. The JCA50 is pretty sweet it will do the job I would think. I havnt tried the Rev Jr Pro but if its as close to the full sized Rev as I have heard it is than it would be a good choice, but not everyone prefers the Krank sound. the Vypyr tube is awesome but not everyone likes the idea of having a hybrid amp.

The JSX would be sweet as a previous poster mentioned but you may not be able to find one in your price range. If the JSX sounds like something you would like definitly look into the Bugera 333XL.
Carvin V3M head since you already bought the big version, I dont know the price because of carvin requiring me to use the UK price
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The Krank Rev would be good for thrash and melo-death but less so for the bands you play. The cleans are medicore, at best. Definitely not a good choice IMO.
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Thanks everyone for the responses.

After further consideration, the Krank and VHT are off the list. They just won't do what I need. The V3M is at the top of my list, but they jacked the price up to $700 (was $600 upon release) so I'll have to decide if this is worth the extra money. I'm a fan of the JSX (and the 333XL). However, I can't find any JSX heads in my price range and most sites seem to be out of the Bugeras.
I'd buy a Laney GH50L. Sounds great and will be loud enough for most gigs.
if a jsx doesnt work in your price, try a xxx, its the previous model, higher gain (dunno if that matters) a slightly worse clean channel, and a tad brighter i think they go like 400-600 used. Or a ultra+. before the xxx, it has 2 channels i think, clean then distortion, clean channel is equal to the xxx's clean channel, the gain channel is basically the same as the xxx's ultra channel. try and play all of them and determine which one you like best.
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