I am usually more inspired at night and kind of "sleepy" and drained during most of the day (I find this annoying because by that time I don't have anything to do and can't express myself because everyone is sleeping ).

Just wanted to know some tips or something that could help me be more active during the day (no coffee or sleeping early). Thanks in advance.
you should Snap on a Slim Jim every morning
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i have the same problem. thats why i'm up right now revising for an exam tomorrow. i slept during the day today
I have the same issue, my brain doesn't really work during daytime.

I don't mind though. I just do fun stuff during the day and then when it gets dark, it's srz time.
- Start writing a journal. Not like "dear diary, today I met a girl at the bus, bla bla...". Just write down your activities (eat, sleep, work, tv, fapping,...) and the times and duration. When you document your procrastination, you feel much more guilty about it and therefore do it less.

- Start the fückin day with a fückin nice breakfast: eggs, bread, bacon, salami, milk and cheese...UNITE!

- Got this from a pit-thread a few days ago: "2 minute rule: if something can be done in less than 2 minutes, do it immediately."

- Sounds contradicting, but: Wake up early! And as a personal challenge: try to get your important shit done before 12:00 !
- try to get at least 8 hours of sleep
- take vitamins every morning (i take b complex, e, and cod liver fish oil)
- eat well