I didn't notice this earlier I have about 350$ for a new amp.It could be a combo or head with cabinet.I play mostly blues,classic rock,jazz.I also play some grunge and punk(My cover band actually)I have a Lyon by Washburn and 2 Danelectro effects a FAB Overdrive and FAB Distortion
Well If you want to try the tube route (if you haven't already) I'm loving my new Bugera V5 which could save you 150 bucks. Or you could try a small wattage Jet City amp, I hear those are good. the V5 is good for cleans and light OD if that helps. It also looks pretty sexy, however I haven't tried it with a drummer yet so I don't know how it would compete for grunge, but tube amps osund best cranked anyway hope that helps
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the used blues jr or jet/reverberrocket would be fine if the jazz is just practice at home.

like i said in your other thread.