Found one of these for 850bux(used but in prestine condition). Is it worth the spend? The versatility of this amp is supposed to be uhmazin'... but I was really thinking of the Vintage Modern 2266 .. but not sure cause the 850 dollar amp seems pretty worth at the price(from the reviews).
IMO Yes the amplifier is worth the price. Under a grand for a modern sounding Marshall combo is a great deal especially with the condition.
I'd get the JVM, the VM has a very brash, shrill sound that I never liked. Just my opinion though.
i'm not a fan but it is obvious you have not played one so just do that and then make up your own mind. on the surface that is a good deal yes, but only if you like the way it sounds.

budget, genres, new or used, home or gig, closest city, current gear?

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