Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows a good place online to buy a single saddle for a strat-like bridge? I just need one of them; A friend of mine wants me to fix his guitar up and its missing one. Its a center screw strat-like saddle. I dont wanna pay for a 6 set if I dont have to. Thanks in advance.
Most likely you'll have to buy a whole set, well make him buy it. If you know of any guitar techs, or repair places they might have some spares. If it's a squier wouldn't hurt replacing all of them with some nice ones
He gave me 70$ to cover installation fees and parts. A new set is like 30$ plus shipping.. I feel like Im getting ripped off because I had to get the parts which is going to be like 40, and I had to do some bridge work plus intonation.
Try Allparts. You might as well get a whole set just to keep them consistent. Even their cheap ones are decent quality, and you can definitely get a whole set for less than 30 dollars.