I play a lot of metal, but also a lot of rock, and some other stuff, so my tuning varies a lot. This is a problem as I only have one guitar at the moment. I am getting a new one in a few weeks, but I'll still have this problem.

To prevent having to constantly re-tune, sometimes to tunings that make my guitar sound horrible, I'm thinking about Pitch Shift Pedals. My questions:

1) Can they change it so if I'm in Drop C for example, I can use the pedal to raise/lower the pitch by half a step?
2) Do they actually sound good? As in, does the output sound the same, just lower/higher, or does it negatively affect the sound?

Help is very much appreciated!
I know the Boss pitch shifter can do half steps, all the way up to 2 full steps, so I'm sure there are others that do it as well. I can't say much more because I've only ever played with one in the local GC. I have one on order, but it will be 2-4 weeks before I get it. You could always try putting it before a good tuner and see what it does and how accurate it is.
Isn't there a pedal designed specifically for this? The morpheus droptune or something? I don't remember the exact name, but I heard it's pretty good, although it does distort a bit on the very low tunings.

What range of tunings do you need? If you're only going up or down a half step, then you might as well have your guitar in the lowest tuning and put a capo at the first fret.

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I just got a behringer Harmonist. For $50 bucks, it's damn good.

I know everyone hates behringer, I also do to some extent. They do put out some shit... but this little pedal is really great for downtuning. The lower you go, the more latency you get, but for just going down a half or full step, especially in just a live situation, it's awesome.

After using this, I don't like I'd put down the money for a Morpheus Droptune.
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I don't trust any sort of device to accurately droptune your guitar. if you want a different tuning, tune your guitar differently. honestly...

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dont they change tone too much compared to the chain without the drop tuning pedal? i've read that somewhere by a comment of some user.
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